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Maura Torkildson, MA, CPCC

Solopreneur, Maura Torkildson Coaching

Maura Torkildson is an author, writing mentor, inspirational speaker, and intuition empowerment guide.  She is passionate about transforming women's relationships to their inner universe, connecting with their inner wisdom and sharing that wisdom it with the world. She empowers others to identify their inner resources, connect to their intuition and from there create books or other expressive arts.  She received her Master of Arts in Women's Spirituality from New College of California where the focus of her thesis work was exploring women's authentic expression. She is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) through Coaches Training Institute (CTI).  


Maura's life path has included an eclectic array of careers in a variety of industries, but all have informed her growth and helped her build skills for her true calling as a healer and transformative agent for her muse (the divine feminine force of creation). Throughout her work life in Corporate America, she became adept at building relationships and empowering others to expand and grow, no matter the context of the work relationships.  Using her value for helping others, her ability to listen and provide compassionate feedback, she was able to create authentic, productive relationships with co-workers, managers, and her teams.


Maura has over twelve years experience as a presenter, workshop facilitator and training and development professional and she uses that skill-set to support her clients to complete their projects and launch them.


She published second book he Inner Tree: Discovering the Roots of Your Intuition and Overcoming Barriers to Mastering It, August 2018. Her first novel: The Curious Magic of Buckeye Groves  was published in 2014 and she has written a self-help E-Book: Tools 4 Transformation which you can get on this website.  In her spare time she creates jewelry, spirit bags, textiles arts and paintings and spends time with trees, her family and her cat.

Priestessing with Dove at Seven Sisters Mystery School Solstice Event, 2015

Maura's Solstice Altar Creation

Maura's Handcrafted "Tree" Spirit Bag


I felt like lost soul when I met Maura. I was confused about my values, what I needed, and what I wanted out of life. She helped guide me through my perspective with thought provoking questions. 


She was warm, supportive, caring, and a wonderful listener. She helps you to shift your perspective, nurtures you to listen to your inner voice, and will hear you out during the good and bad times. She is deeply empathic and will strengthen your soul with her poignant insights. 


Lisa P.