Finally An Author!


Do you want to write a book to up-level your business and share your wisdom with a broader audience?

Having a hard time getting started? Questioning your ability to write?

Are you overwhelmed with the process? Don't know where to begin?

Sometimes we just need a partner to help us. I didn't write my books on my own, I had partners too!

Here's how I can help:

12 Week Finally an Author Coaching Program

This program is customized to meet your needs and includes:

  • Creating your Book Action Plan

  • Constructing your book outline

  • Overcoming barriers to writing

  • Improving your writing and storytelling skills

  • Making consistent progress

Note: size of project and writer schedules impact completion timing

Extended coaching includes:

  • Completing your first draft

  • Navigating the revision process

  • Preparing for publication

As we work through the process of getting your book written, I also provide:

  • Steps to get you there

  • Co-creative brainstorming

  • Accountability

  • Emotional support

  • Help shifting negative mindsets

  • Champion your efforts

  • Constructive professional feedback (at the right time).

Writing a book takes both commitment to practical Get It Done steps and shifting your internal states of mind. I provide support in both areas to build your confidence and your momentum.

You have it in you. Your tribe is waiting!

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