• Maura McCarley Torkildson

Is Fear Getting in Your Way

Like it or not, fear is part of our make-up. Fear is hard wired into our nervous systems and can be a life-saver - it helps us to survive, but fear also holds us back at times. Fear is ultimately about loss in one form or another, real or imaginary. In order to be successful in life, it helps if you understand your fear and how to work with it. We need to learn when our fear is legitimately warning us and when it is getting in our way, to discern when to listen to it and when to walk through it. Fear has a huge impact on our lives, our decision making, our ability to take risks and to finding our fulfillment. As such, I am excited to announce my upcoming teleseminar series calling Moving Through Fear into Resilience. If you want to understand fear, stop judging yourself and create the kind of resilience that leads to success, this teleseminar is for you. Register on my Online Store to participate.

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