• Maura Torkildson

Creativity, Your Birthright and Your Service


Did you know that your intuition and your creativity come from the same source? In her book, Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert makes a case for ideas having a life of their own. She says ideas seek out people to inspire and who will commit to the work to bring them into form. We live in an interconnected universe. Everything, everyone is made up of the dust of the stars and the energy of creation and is forever part of the indivisible whole. We humans are not disconnected from Source. So, too, ideas have a life of their own, are part of creation. It is only we who think we can own ideas or imagine that we are separate beings. Both beliefs have their root in scarcity and fear. They hold us back from fulfillment of our purpose and from collaborating to fulfill the purpose of Source. When an idea’s time has come, it often crops up in several places at once. Elizabeth Gilbert shares her experience of ideas having a life of their own. Earlier in her career she was inspired to write a novel but life circumstances intervened, she lost inspiration and moved on to other projects. The idea moved from her to another writer. Both writers knew each other, but never discussed the project until it was published by the second writer (I will leave the details for you to read in her book). It was only when they compared notes did they realize the magic idea originated from elsewhere. Of course there were differences in the details, the final product included the unique voice of the publishing author. I absolutely adored Elizabeth Gilbert’s wonder-full attitude about this experience. Our creativity belongs to the creative vortex of the universe itself. When we take an idea, tend to it with our blood, sweat and tears, we do an act of service. There is a reason the Greeks imagined muses as the inspiring force behind creations. Whatever they believed about muses, they understood the creative impulse came from elsewhere and inspired the artist to commit to the work of bringing it to form. I know many people who believe they are not creative. I also know many people who believe they are not intuitive. We tend to think of these as rare gifts given to a fortunate (or sometimes not so fortunate) few. In other words, society has a fixed mindset about both creativity and intuition. In my experience this mindset is harmful. As a creativity mentor and coach, I am aware of how this mindset wounded many of us in childhood. Creativity is a vulnerable process. So many have been told they can’t draw because they didn’t stay in the lines, or can’t sing because they are out of tune? There is a difference between skill and creativity. Skill takes time and practice to develop and is possible to develop with commitment. Creativity is our natural inheritance. Those wounds can last a life-time and get in the way of our natural creative birthright - our unique expression of the magic of Creation. The universe can express itself through many mediums, but it truly only knows itself through us. This is the deepest service we do as humans. You are a creative being. Source is waiting for you to answer the call to express the beauty of Being in your own unique way. Will you deny that call because you doubt yourself, or believe that you don’t have the proper expertise? That idea, that creative impulse which you have been ignoring or avoiding chose you for a reason. It already knew you are capable, so therefore you are. Won’t you answer the call? Won’t you step forward and let that idea shine, and shine along with it? I hope you will because we all lose if you don’t. Yours Truly, Maura

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