• Maura McCarley Torkildson

Honest Talk About Limitations and How They Serve

How many times do you see the word Limitless on a Facebook post that is meant to inspire you? Do you feel inspired? I don’t… just being honest here. I feel overwhelmed by limitless. Nothing is worse for me than limitless choices, it literally stops me in my tracks. Too many choices and I freeze. Limitations Have Value

The truth is limits have great value, especially when it comes to creativity. If you could create anything in the world, how would you choose? We are naturally limited by our passions and interests, by our physicality, by our relationships and the list of limits keeps going. We are also limited by the circumstances of our lives. These are good things, they are the limits our soul’s chose so we could learn what we came here to learn in this lifetime. In fact, this life is a limit for our spirit, on purpose! Have you ever taken an art class? Most teachers create a container for assignments. These are limits. You are assigned to paint a still life with just an apple and a pitcher, or use only certain colors or only certain techniques. Art teachers do this on purpose, partly to help you learn the technique, but also create the paradox of limitation creating more freedom and possibility. They know the challenge of the limitation will get your creative juices flowing. You will have to solve the creative challenge in your own unique way. When the day comes projects are done and presented to the group, it’s truly amazing to see the incredibly diverse outcomes. Each student resolved the challenge, working with the limitation to create something beautiful. It’s also a lesson on the truth that of varying perspectives on the same thing make life so very interesting and richer than just one perspective can ever achieve. We learn, we grow, we experience surprise. I love the awe the surprise can inspire in me. My surprise in my own projects is also one way I know that the creative output comes from a deeper than human place. These gifts would not be visible without the original imposed limitations. The lesson here is that instead of cursing our limitations, if we embrace them and accept their challenge, something incredible can emerge through them. Breaking Through Limits Leads to Epiphanies

I understand why people post about limitations. Yes, we can impose unnecessary limitations on ourselves with our inner dialogue, but, every time I have broken through one of those limitations through a struggle which lead into epiphany, I have learned a deep and valuable lesson in my life that has lasting impact. I might not have otherwise understood the value before I experienced the struggle. Truly, there are times I hate my limitations too. I think that its perfectly human to feel that way. I can wallow (and I do that sometimes too), or I can choose to step up to the challenge. It takes courage to accept the challenge. We think, what if we fail? It will be a waste of time (and there appears to be nothing more deadly than wasting time in our minds). But be careful of the stories you tell yourself about failure too. Sometimes failure can be just the catalyst for more amazing. Failure is Not The End

Failure is its own kind of limitation, but it is not the end. For example, I like to try new techniques and textures when I am creating my bags, mostly because I get bored with same old, same old. Sometimes I get an ugly mess and I have to throw it out and move on. Through that I learn what not to do. Other times the result is not quite satisfying and I set it aside for a while and incubate it (part of which is about figuring out if I want to accept the challenge of fixing it or not). I often come back to these and rework them after incubating for a while. Sometimes the result is truly surprising. I resolve the issue by doing something I never would have thought in the first place. I love it when that happens. Problems can be a great catalyst for creative resolution and expanding your creative capacity. How do you want to approach limitation this year? Can you embrace the challenge and channel it into your own creative masterpiece? Need some healing around your creativity? Would you like a sounding board, someone to brainstorm with, or accountability support? Or do you just want a big dose of muse power? I do all that and more with my clients. This quarter I am offering complimentary Ignite Your Creative Genius sessions. Click Here to sign up. Along with my ability to ignite and mentor your creativity, I am still offering workbook templates and workshop curriculum support. After all, your Creative Soul Project this year could be that class you have been thinking about offering. I can help you. Contact me to find out more:

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