• Maura McCarley Torkildson

Creativity, Your Divine Birthright

What is creativity? Humans have been creating since that Divine Spark ignited within us. The only way we really know the earliest humans is from the creative work they left behind – from stone tools into an explosion of creative expression thirty to fifty thousand years ago. That art in the caves and on the rocks around the world inspire us to this day. Creativity's Flow Creativity is our Divine Birthright. We create constantly and the creative expression that comes through shows up in how we adorn ourselves, in our homes, what we write, sing, move, paint, and shape with our hands. Creativity is intuitive, it flows through us to manifest into form into this world. That means it is not something we own, but rather what we channel. When creativity knocks on your door, do you answer? A good question to ask is who are we not to answer? And yet, so often we don’t. We often put it off, make it last in list of to do’s. Imagine a world without creative expression? We can safely say there would be no world. Life and Form is the creative expression of the Universe, of Source (however you see that, but what I like to name the Divine Womb of Creation). How incredibly beautiful that expression is! You are part of that too; you are an expression of the Universe, perfect in every way. The Creative Universe The Universe wants you to co-create with it, otherwise you would not have been created with two hands, a voice, a creative mind, a body that moves, vision to see, ears to hear and a mouth to taste, vocal cords placed perfectly to make all kinds of sounds and the list goes on and on. So, when the Universe calls you to co-create with it, deep in your soul, do you answer? I know there are a gazillion things that get in the way. For some reason we often put everything ahead of “just being creative.” We attend to all the shoulds - of making money, of working hard, of taking care of business, (not that these can’t be creative too), being “productive” the way that others want us to be, instead of ways that inspire us. This so often sucks the life out of us, rather than fulfill us. Trust me on this, when I follow that creative impulse inside me and produce from that, I fall in love with my creations and I am also surprised by them. This is how I know they are a co-creation. That surprise delights, fulfills and awes me. To answer the call to creativity is to IGNITE your creative Genius: IG – Inner Guidance is the call from the Divine Womb of Creation which is always there waiting for you to listen. N – Nurture is what we do when we begin to listen attentively and give that Inner Guidance our full respect. I – Insight comes from paying deep attention and from Nurture, and it leads us down the path towards expression and fulfillment. T – Trust is what occurs when we listen attentively, Nurture the Insight and begin to act upon it. E – Explore and Experiment is what we do to take our Insight and grow that Trust, following our Inner Guidance while understanding that skill takes time to develop. This builds our capacity for more inspiration, more trust, more fulfillment and for that surprise and awe I mentioned. IGNITE is what my upcoming mastermind is all about. I'm calling it Ignite Your Creative Genius, and Spark Your Creative Soul Project. SPARK is one of the ways we will support IGNITE into more action, manifesting our creative expression. Our creative expression longs to be seen, and yet it is often tender and vulnerable, especially as it is in progress. We humans are interconnected and our creativity is as much about sharing as it is about our internal guidance. We all need to be seen and that creativity needs to be nurtured by our tribe. Nurturing Creativity I was so very lucky to have a creative me

ntor as a young girl. My next door neighbor, Alice, tenderly nurtured and encouraged my creative expression. That relationship helped me to trust my creativity, to use my insights, and to actively explore and experiment with the different creative channels and build skill in those areas. I am forever grateful to her because I have lived an incredibly creative life. I love to pass that mentorship along. In many ways, she and my creativity helped me through my adolescence, one of the most difficult phases of my life. We all crave feedback, but feedback can be destructive unless it is appropriate, loving and compassionate and also inspires and challenges us to reach higher - to spark our creative output. SPARK is about the kind of feedback that inspires us to more action in our creative efforts. S – Specific feedback allows us to feel seen on even deeper levels. Don’t’ get me wrong, general feedback can be great, but it doesn’t help us hone our craft, inspire us to go even deeper, or reach for even higher peaks. P – Positive, positive, positive… Positive is about safety, even when feedback is constructive. It is non-judgmental and holds the receiver as creative, whole and resourceful. Non-judgmental feedback bypasses our inner critical voices that can shut us down. When we give feedback from a compassion and curiosity it makes the constructive come across as supportive rather than destructive. And for the receiver, remembering all feedback is subjective and not the ultimate truth. It is not about right or wrong, it is about learning and honing. A – Actionable. When we give specific and positive feedback, it invites action, inspires and motivates us to go deeper, reach higher. R – Real, authentic feedback comes from the heart, is non-competitive and takes ownership of our unique perception, and does not project assumptions onto the receiver. For example - This is how I received that….., This is the part that touched me….., What inspired me was…….., what I wanted more of was….. K – Kinetic feedback is dynamic. It stays present in the moment and evolves as we deepen our relationship with both the receiver and the Divine Womb of Creation. It holds the receiver as an evolving, learning, and growing being that is moving into deeper and deeper resonance with that Divine Spark inside them. It is interactive, intuitive and it understands that all creativity ultimately comes from the Whole. It knows that our creative output is enhanced when it is infused with the interconnected collaboration of our partners in this journey as Divine Emanations of that Womb. That tender and vulnerable place of creating needs a special, safe container to motivate and nurture a Creative Soul Project from start to completion.

Remember, you are already divinely creative being and a huge part of my purpose here is to support you in Igniting Your Creative Genius! Yours Truly, Maura

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