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Emotions Make Compelling Writing

I’ve been developing a writing program, Finally an Author for wanna-be authors and will be launching it soon. This program is for solopreneurs who are ready to write and publish a book to share their wisdom with their tribe and take their business to the next level. As I’ve been creating exercises to help writers develop their unique voice and learn to write compelling books, I realized I can pull in some exercises from my Inner Tree Online Courses to help (coming soon). I keep finding ways how The Inner Tree – our source for intuition - is also our source for creativity and wisdom (see more about my book on the side bar). There is more cross-fertilization between the two programs than I previously imagined. A big part of that is awareness. Your awareness as a writer is important for writing a better book, just as it is important for understanding your intuition. The Importance of Story

The most compelling books capture us with story. For any story to be engaging, it needs to include emotion. At this point I’ve published both fiction and non-fiction. When writing fiction, the concept “show, don’t tell” is key to writing well. It’s also a great way to approach non-fiction. A few years back I read The Story Telling Animal: How Stories Make Us Human by Jonathon Gotschall. He points out that we learn more from fiction than we do from non-fiction because our guard is down and the power of story is in full force. He also states that story is like a drug – we are like moths to flame when it comes to story. If you plan to write a book to help people learn from your expertise, that book needs to include story to help your readers stay engaged and learn. The better you are at showing and evoking emotion, the more engaging your book will be and you want to keep your readers engaged. Writing Emotion When I wrote my novel The Curious Magic of Buckeye Groves, I inserted myself into the character and felt what she would feel under the circumstances. In effect, I became her and felt her emotions and examined what was happening in my body. My narrative included descriptions of those sensations as part of "showing." I also used this technique in my latest book: The Inner Tree: Exploring the Roots of Your Intuition and Overcoming Barriers to Mastering It. I used stories from my own life to “show” readers the concepts in action. Understanding Emotion

In my Inner Tree Online Courses I include exercises to help people explore and understand their emotions. I’ve decided these are also excellent exercises for my writing program. One thing that makes writers interesting to read is their unique awareness and perspective. Michael Pollan’s latest book, How to Change Your Mind. is an excellent example. He is an interesting writer because of the details he shares about his experience and perspective. I enjoy his writer's voice, which is unique to him. To find your writing voice, you need to explore your distinct way of engaging in the world. My exercises help writer’s develop their voice. I am excited to be rolling out this program very soon with some special promotional pricing. Look for announcements. Do you have a book in you? Has that book been in your head nagging you for years but nothing has been put on paper yet? Find out more about how I can help you get it written.

Finally an Author is customized to meet your needs and includes:​

  • Creating your Book Action Plan

  • Constructing your book outline

  • Overcoming barriers to writing

  • Improving your writing and storytelling skills

  • Making consistent progress

Note: size of project and writer schedules impact completion timing

​Extended coaching includes:

  • Completing your first draft

  • Navigating the revision process

  • Preparing for publication

Sign up here for my complimentary Get Your Writing Now Consultation. I can't wait to hear about your book idea. Gratitude

I want to send a special shout out to Julia Glyde – my marketing/visibility mentor. She is amazing and pushing me to the next level with my business. Thank you Julia!

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