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Maura inspires audiences to connect with their own inspiration, to trust their bodies, emotions and intuition to make better decisions for life. Her expertise and topics include how to access intuitive powers, the things that can get in the way of interpreting intuitive insights, the role of the Alta Major chakra and channeling creativity.  Her presentations include a mix of personal stories, research and hands-on practices.  Her workshops help participants build inner awareness, spark creative output, deepen emotional intelligence and develop confidence to bridge the entire creative process from conception to promotion.  Maura's skill as a speaker is grounded in over twelve years of experience as a professional trainer and workshop facilitator, where she instructed  entrepreneurs, corporate employees,  and individuals on a range of topics.  Along with her private coaching practice, she serves as an on call instructor for Social Fluency, where she helps individuals in the art of communicating and connecting with people. Her presentations are informed by her masters degree in Women's Spirituality and a lifetime of embracing her inner muse (the divine feminine creative force).  


Maura's signature speaking topics include:


  • Four Practices for Inner Peace  - Maura shares four practices that create a greater sense of connection to your divine guidance and have the power to transform your creativity and your life. 

  • Move Through Fear to Resilience - Moving through fear is the Heroine/Hero journey. This presentation illustrates how fear cannot be avoided, but when identified and faced, can foster motivation and build confidence. Fear does not have to be a barrier to getting your project started nor does it have to mute your message.

  • The Power of Pause: Building Intuition through Stillness and Presence  - Maura shares tips from her own story about her Dark Night of the Soul: why pause is important to being able to access intuition, what role trust and gratitude play, and how it all empowers fulfillment and life purpose.

  • The Love, Fear, Grief Mandala - Maura facilitates an experience of the emotional body in relationship to loss, love and gratitude, helping participants access the beautiful transformative relationship between grief and deep love. Participants gain access to new perspectives around dealing with fear and grief and learn to trust they are far more resilient and capable than they ever imagined.


Workshops include a variety of topics and can be customized to meet the needs of the participants.  Topics are contextualized to relate back to supporting the creative process. They  include:

  • The intuitive process and connecting with your inner world

  • The power of the stories we tell ourselves

  • Understanding your physical, emotional and spiritual body

  • Mind/Body somatic connection as it relates to communication, confidence and navigating emotional stressors

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